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Montanuniversität Leoben
(University of Leoben)

Used 3D/4D modelling software:

We focus on rock mechanical research and rock mechanical investigations as well as mine planning activities for national and international mines. For this reason we use mainly 3D software suitable for rock mechanical analyses. Therefore we use FLAC3D for numerical analyses and Surpac as well as AutoCad for model generation. Furthermore we apply Surpac and AutoCad for a visualisation of the mine/deposit and for identification of critical areas in the mine and we visualize our mine plans with these software packages. However, our mine planning activities focus on rock mechanics. For this reason we don’t use sophisticated deposit models in general. Besides the mentioned software packages we also have DataMine licenses available. Nevertheless we only use DataMine in the education of the students. Furthermore we train students also in Surpac and AutoCad.


Recent/ongoing projects:

- Virtual reality project (pdf)


Tobias Ladinig

Montanuniversität Leoben