Luleå University of Technology

3D hardware:

- Virtual Reality Studio:

In the mining research the VR technology can help visualize the ore bodies and show where it´s most appropriate to place new boreholes. For exploration this technology can enhance the understanding of where new ore bodies can be found.

The Virtual Reality Lab will be used in the The EU initiative for Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems, SIMS, a three year project that will begin in 2017.

- Field tablets for teaching purposes.

Used 3D/4D modelling software:

- GoCad + Mira Mining Suite

- Move

- GeoVisionary

Recent/ongoing projects:

- Multiscale 3D-4D modelling Skellefte ore district

- 3D modelling Falun base metal sulphide deposit

- Multiscale 3D-4D modelling Gällivare area

- Sustainable intelligent mining systems (virtual mine)

3D geological interpretation in the VR studio using integrated geological and geophysical data.

Video demonstration of the VR studio at Luleå University of Technology.


Dr. Tobias Kampmann

Luleå University of Technology